Leo Chetty
leo chetty

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Leo Chetty Bio

Founding Principal at A1 Capital

Visionary and engagement in action that addresses the growth and expansion of Africa.

Leo Chetty is one of the founding Principals at A1 Capital. With his entrepreneurial spirit, he identifies business opportunities, executes transactions and liaises with clients on a global scale. Leo brings to A1 Capital a wealth of business acumen and proven entrepreneurial talent that he has accumulated over the past decades.

Prior to spearheading the A1 Capital initiative, he started out by establishing a private college that catered specifically for full-time and part-time computer training programmes for children. This initiative eventually expanded exponentially into ICESA education services. Leo is a true visionary and will continue to engage in action that addresses the growth and expansion of education with the aim of addressing Africa’s urgent needs. He is well-travelled with many well-established businesses internationally.

Leo Chetty is currently part of the OPM 49 Programme at Harvard Business School in Boston.